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Welcome to Kuncio Orthodontics. At our Manhattan office, we are dedicated to providing children, adolescents and adults with comfortable, quality, state-of-the-art orthodontic care in a friendly environment. Your smile is our top priority, compassion is our trademark and a perfect smile is our ultimate goal. We strive to not only create beautiful, straight teeth, but also a well balanced face and a pleasing profile that will enhance the patient’s function, appearance and self esteem for the rest of their life.

Paying attention to each patient’s specific needs and preferences is just part of what distinguishes our practice. It is our goal to make your course of treatment with us an extremely pleasant one and to give you a smile that is both beautiful and functional.

At  Kuncio Orthodontics , we will create an individualized plan of treatment. We feel that one of our most important functions is to listen to our patients concerns and educate them as to their best options in creating a beautiful smile. We offer various treatments from regular braces, ceramic/porcelain braces to Invisalign. After your treatment, our team will coach you on healthy habits of maintaining a perfect smile for the rest of your life.

We offer a free, first visit consultation (for private patients only). Kuncio Orthodontics welcomes all insurances, and are open to payment plans for patients paying privately. Our patients range from children starting at the age of 7 to adults of any age. Its never too early or late to start with orthodontic treatment.

315 W 70TH ST SUITE 1J
NEW YORK, NY 10023

TEL (718) 878-4822

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