New York Clear Braces

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If you have issues with your teeth, the specialists at Kuncio Orthodontics are here to help straighten them out! Offering a comprehensive selection of orthodontic services to patients of all ages throughout the New York City communities, our experienced orthodontists have established an excellent reputation over the years for providing the highest quality care. Whether you’re considering the most discreet options for aligning your bite, such as treatment with New York clear braces or Invisalign, or one of our many other state-of-the-art options, our orthodontists are extremely knowledgeable, and will take the time to help you make the most well-informed decisions about your treatment.

From modern lightweight metal braces, to New York clear braces, Invisalign and retainers, eligible patients seeking orthodontic care will have the foremost options to choose from at our office. When it comes to discreet orthodontic treatment, Invisalign is a very popular option, widely regarded for its comfort, convenience, and sleek, inconspicuous design. Following a digital impression of your smile, your orthodontist uses the foremost 3D imaging technology to analyze, simulate, and prescribe the most precise course of orthodontic treatment for correcting your bite. Once your course of treatment has been decided, the blueprints for your Invisalign aligners will be sent to the dental laboratory for fabrication. From there, a successive series of clear, plastic aligners will be created, completely customized to every ridge and rise of your smile. The aligners are worn in a sequence, scheduled by your orthodontist, and use gentle forces to move your teeth closer and closer to their desired final positions. Conveniently removable for short periods of time, many patients revel in fact that they won’t have to give up their favorite foods during treatment. Your orthodontist loves the fact that you can still brush and floss just like before! 

If you’re interested in learning more about how New York clear braces can make a difference in your smile, give a call to the experienced orthodontic professionals at Kuncio Orthodontics today!

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